The German Banking Industry joining EPASOrg

Brussels, 15 April 2013 – EURO Kartensysteme GmbH, a joint initiative of the German credit sector in card payments, announced today that it is joining EPASOrg on behalf of the German Banking Industry.

Card Payments Protocols Security specifications are here !

Brussels, 27 January 2014 - EPASOrg has released today a document entitled "Card Payment Protocol Security" which address the security aspects of the EPAS Acquirer, TMS and Retailer protocols. It also released a new version of the Acquirer and TMS Message Usage Guides (V2).


Brussels - 8 April 2013. The IFX Forum and EPASOrg have decided to team up to design and develop a series of universal ISO 20022 compliant ATM (...) More

Free remaining copies of “EPAS for Dummies” still available... More

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